Rights issuance November 2016

IVISYS is raising capital to fuel future growth and ensure the company’s ability to handle a possible rapid order uptick.

Memorandum (in Swedish):

Inbjudan till teckning av aktier i företrädesemission – emissionsmemorandum hösten 2016

Subscription form (in Swedish):

Anmälningssedel för teckning av units i Ivisys  AB (publ) utan företrädesrätt

Cover letter to investors (in Swedish):


Video from the event ‘Aktiedag i Malmö’ 23 May 2017

FAQ for shareholders

At what price, will I be able to exercise my warrants?
The warrants can be converted into ordinary shares at a discounted subscription price. The discounted price will be 80 per cent of the average share price ten days prior to the start of the subscription period (the average price will be a weighted volume average).
Correction: There will be no minimum share price for investors choosing to exercise their warrants. It has previously been communicated that the price of the new shares could be no less than SEK 6.5/share. This has showed to be incorrect, all warrant owners will be entitled to a discount on new shares, no matter what the share price is at the time of calculating of the average share price.

I have unit rights (ticker ‘IVISYS UR AB’) in my deposit. How many units can I buy?
For every 14 shares, you own, you can buy one unit right: (your number of shares)/14 = the number of units you can buy.

What does one unit consists of?
Each unit consists of two ordinary shares and one warrant.

What is the price of buying a unit, based on my unit rights (‘IVISYS AB UR’)?
The price of each unit, for unit rights holders, is SEK 13.00

When will the shares of the units converted into ordinary shares, traded on First North?
During December 2016

When will I be able to exercise my warrants?
During the period of 5 – 20 June 2017

Can I sell my units?
Yes, paid-for units will have the ticker ‘IVISYS AB BTU’ – and can be traded on First North.

I have no unit rights, can I buy units?
Yes, paid-for units will have the ticker ‘IVISYS AB BTU’ on First North.

For any questions regarding the issuance:

Jakob Kesje, CEO IVISYS AB
Phone: +46 (0) 763 111 911
E-mail: jk@ivisys.com