IVISYS Fastener Inspection Station

IVISYS Fastener Inspection Station is a universal inspection station for automated inspection of complex fasteners and similar parts. The station ensures that no defect parts enter the assembly process or are dispatched to customers.

IVÍSYS universal fastener inspection station inspects fasteners and similar objects for correct dimensions and flaws. After passing through the inspection station, objects meeting the preset criteria are seamlessly fed to an assembly line or packed for delivery, defect objects are discarded.

Features of IVISYS Fastener Inspection Station

– Verification of key dimensions of fasteners
– Verification of presence and regularity of threads
– Detection of chips and/or scrap, even within partially enclosed drilled holes.
– Programmable for a variety of fasteners of different shapes and sizes

IVISYS Fastener Inspection Station composition

The inspection station is equipped with:
– Bin tipper
– Conveying system
– Automated positioning of the objects prior to inspection
– Configurable mechanics to enable inspection of a variety of fasteners of different shapes and sizes
– Multiple inspection points with configurable cameras
– Automated sorting of objects, defect objects are discarded
– Light sources providing diffuse and collimated illumination


IVISYS Fastener Inspection Station is suitable for inspecting a wide range of small and complex objects, such as:
– Bolts
– Screws
– Valves
– Cylinders

The outcome

Using IVISYS Fastener Inspection Station ensures defect rates approaching 0 PPM, enabling manufactures to comply with zero-defect objectives.


Bin being emptied by bin tipper

Bin being emptied by bin tipper

Camera executing horisontal inspection.

Camera executing horisontal inspections.

Automated positioning of fasteners.

The automated positioning of fasteners.

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