IVISYS Robo Inspect

IVISYS Robo Inspect is an integrated multi-purpose bin-picker and quality inspection station

IVISYS Robo Inspect consists of a highly programmable and agile bin-picking unit and an area-scan inspection camera solution.

IVISYS Robo Inspect is usable for automatic picking of objects directly from pallets and delivery to presses, assembly lines, welding or CNC machining. Concurrently, the unit executes automatized quality inspections of the transferred objects. The unit comes with one or more of the IVISYS Pro inspection modules used for verification, flaw detection and/or measurement applications. The bin-picking unit is provided by Scape Technologies.

Standardized bin-picking

IVISYS Robo Inspect is a fully standardized bin-picking system. It possess multiple recognition options as well as multiple gripping options. After installation, it can provide a fully automatic handling of any object. According to data feedback from the quality inspection module, IVISYS Robo Inspect transfers approved objects to the relevant destination (conveyor, bin or box). The discarded objects are transferred to a separate bin or box.

Full top and bottom surface inspection

The inspection station is equipped with high-resolution top camera for quality inspection and handles objects with a weight up to 700 grams. Flaw detection, verification and measurement jobs are performed reliably, invariant to any object rotation and displacement. If both the top and bottom surface need to be inspected, the bin-picker simply picks up and rotates the object 180o for a complete two-sided inspection.

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Universal inspection station

 Data sheet

Parameter Description   Note
Product name Robo Inspect Integrated bin-picker and quality inspection unit
Flaw detection
IVISYS Pro F Flaw detection including pores, holes, bulbs, bulges and scratches with exact size determination (read more).
IVISYS Pro V Verification module, detects the presence or absence of components on the objects. Also detects orientation and placement of items (read more).
IVISYS Pro M Measurement module. Measures area and perimeter of geometric shapes as well as distances between edges and geometries (read more).
Max inspection speed 2 items per min. The robot cell has a speed of two items per min. The quality inspection module operates at a much higher speed (up to 30 objects per sec.).
Max object weight 700 g The unit handles any object up to 700 grams
Max object size N/A Dependent on the object’s total dimensions and weight. Please, contact sales for details
Number of cameras 1 One top mounted inspection camera. 
Gripping capabilities 3D Multi Grip Multiple grippers, selection from 2-finger, 3-finger, suction or magnetic. The solution is able to pick up objects in all random 3D orientations.
Joint ranges 360° +/- 360°
Reach 850 mm 850 mm/33.5 in