IVISYS Pro M is used by manufacturers to ensure that product dimensions fall within acceptable tolerance bands. The gauging process is carried out in-line at high speed. Multiple gauging tasks are executed simultaneously.

IVISYS Pro M is often supplied with a customized stand-alone hardware solution, according to the client’s specific request.

Typical applications of IVISYS Pro M

  • Measuring the distance between any two points
  • Measure the perimeter of any shape
  • Measure an angle between two lines
  • Measuring the size of a shape on an object

Easy-to-use graphical user interface

IVISYS Pro M is normally operated by a unified easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface. The interface does not require any level of formal education to operate. Using the IVISYS Pro User Interface, introducing a new object inspection task is commonly done within one hour. Afterwards, switching between such predefined projects is done within minutes.

Illustration of applications of IVISYS Pro M


Features and specifications of IVISYS Pro M

  • Handles measurement tasks on 2D objects
  • Performs in normal office light conditions (robust to illumination changes)
  • Processes up to 30 objects per second
  • Usable with both area scan and line scan cameras
  • Allows you to run short series and setup new products in less than 1 hour
  • Conducts measuring tasks with micrometer precision