360 Inspection

Full surface inspection of cylindrical objects

The IVISYS 360 Inspection system performs a 100 % inspection of cylindrical objects. Using a high-resolution multi-camera setup, the system inspects the external surface for any kind of surface flaws.

The system inspects complex shaped surfaces like worm or compressor gears. While these objects are rotated, a detailed visual analysis of its surface is conducted. The analysis typically looks for defects like porosities, burrs and mechanical damages in the machined surfaces.

3 Reasons Why

  • More than 90 % cost reduction preventing further processing of flawed objects
  • Detailed inspection of surface defects according to a fixed specification
  • Keep a real-time track record of your quality levels and document this

Case examples

This video shows how the 360 Inspection analyzing finished screw compressor gears for surface porosities. The inspection is carried out in matter of a few seconds:

The system inspects these complex shaped gears in detail using multiple cameras. Multiple cameras provide the needed inspection resolution on the entire surface. Here the camera positions are carefully adapted to the inspected surfaces. In a stand-alone system, objects are manually placed in the inspection station. A fully automatic delivery and sorting system can be incorporated as the IVISYS 360 Inspection system comes with a simple interface for integration with a robot PLC.

How it works

The IVISYS 360 Inspection is a stand-alone system. The operator places the product/object to be inspected in a holder, and presses start. Within seconds a detail analysis has been performed, either passing of failing the product.

High-resolution cameras capture the images of the object and send them to a computer for analysis. The computer handles multiple cameras in case it needs to have a more detailed view of the product. The cameras’ positions and the dome light has been carefully selected to offer the best possible detection of flaws. Typical inspections can look for multiple flaws like pits, burrs, scratches or other unwanted mechanical defects.

During the inspection, the object is rotated while the camera continues to take pictures, so each angle of the cylindrical object is inspected with the same accuracy and degree of detail. The number of images captured and analyzed per 360 degrees rotation of the object is adjustable by controlling the speed of the rotation and the frame rate of the cameras. This allows for repeated checks of the same area at higher angle resolutions.

The system allows the adjustment of various parameters, enabling inspection of a multitude of different objects but with similar characteristics, successively.

Based on the outcome of the analysis, the user can set up rules for how to issue alarms or control external events, all based on the parameters chosen.

The system logs every inspection performed. Such information is valuable not only as a status of the daily inspections, but also as a tool to optimize the manufacturing process in order to lower defect rates.

Why should you automate your quality control?

First – quality control is not only a means to supply products that meet customer requirements. Quality inspection if conducted automatically further reduces waste and increases profit.
Manual inspection is difficult, if possible at all for this type of products.

Automatic inspection, on the other hand is a tireless, objective, consistent and a fast method to achieve instant better results. It also offers the possibility of collecting valuable statistical data and documenting the quality improvement process.

What’s included

  • Solid metal frame construction – fully operational stand-alone unit
  • An automatic dome light position system
  • High resolution cameras
  • Dome light system
  • IVISYS Pro vision software for flaw detection
  • A Microsoft based powerful PC
  • An I/O controller for machine manipulation and safety
  • A touch screen monitor for operating the system and viewing the inspection
  • Output for an acoustic alarm or other function
  • Log of start/stop, passed/failed and error type

Add-on options

The following options are available to extend the function of the system further:

  • Additional cameras for additional inspection possibility
  • Line scan possibility
  • 3D scan extension
  • Larger frame and dome light for larger objects
  • A remote controlled camera for supervision of system functions
  • Additional output control according to customer needs
  • Customized reports (report adopted to customer needs)
  • Support and availability

Through an internet connection subject to the customer’s permissions, IVISYS can check, maintain and upgrade the system as needed. This allows IVISYS to act quickly should a situation need our attention.

IVISYS also offers the product with a designer mode software that enables the trained user to create new inspection jobs and change inspection parameters or even introduce new objects for inspection. Support and assistance in designer mode are also offered by IVISYS for this product.

Could ‘360 Inspection’ solve problems for you?

Let’s find out! Please, feel free to ask us a question.

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