Bin Pick & Check

Performing inspection while a robot handles the product

The IVISYS’ Bin Pick & Check solution is a combination of an automatic bin-picking system combined with our vision inspection. Utilizing the same robot, objects are pick up one by one from a crate, then inspected and finally sorted according to the outcome of the inspection.

3 Reasons why

  • More than 90% cost reduction from failed parts
  • Effective and detailed vision inspection by means of robot motion
  • Keeps a real-time record of your quality level for documentation

Case example

The video below shows such system in action. An item is picked from a bin, inspected and sorted in a good and less good bin. The sorting can be according to quality or any other visible feature found by the inspection camera.

The advantages are two-fold. First, with bin-pick the object is singled out and ready for inspection. Second, the robot can orient the object in front for best possible view of the defects – or a more detailed inspection.

For optimal and more reliable results, it is good to shield the vision camera from external light.

How it works

The normal operation of a bin-picker is:

  • The bin-picker camera above the receiving container locates the first object that can be pick without interference with other objects in the container.
  • Determine how to best grip it, and pick up the object using the gripper mounted on the robot arm.
  • Move the object to the next process (place it on conveyor or in a machine or . . ).

In above step 2, where the object is picked up, a visual inspection of the surface using a separate camera is possible without losing precious time. A high-resolution camera will scan the surface for defects, certain features or check size. This allows sorting not only based on inspections but also on pre-determined visual features.

Observe that object size and weight limitations apply to the robot arm chosen. The same is also the case with how far the arm can reach. Please, consult us or for a realistic assessment of the automation and the robot required.

Why should you automate your quality control?

First – quality control is not only a means to supply products that meet customer requirements. Quality inspection if conducted automatically further reduces waste and increases profit.
Manual inspection only reduces the number of failed products by a factor of 2-6. Furthermore, critical inspections are tiresome, and the staff should be rotated at regular intervals to keep their senses sharp.

Automatic inspection, on the other hand is a tireless, objective, consistent and a fast method to achieve instantly better results. Combined with a Bin Pick solution here, the system offers a highly valued add-on to an automated process.

What’s included

  • – The system comes with the camera and light in an enclosure that shields from external light
  • IVISYS Pro vision software for fast inspection
  • A Microsoft ™ based powerful PC
  • A touch screen monitor for operating the system and viewing the inspection
  • Output for an acoustic alarm or other function
  • Log of start/stop, passed/failed and error type
Bin picking for quality inspection

IVISYS Bin Pick & Check as presented at a reseller’s shop floor

Add-on options

The following available options expand the basic capability of the system further:

  • Multiple cameras for multiple angles/surfaces
  • Other robot solutions. We can cooperate with many different Bin-picking solutions. However only with a Universal Robot and Scape Technologies we can say it is a standard solution. Other robot or Bin-Pick solutions will require projecting the solution at additional cost. That is also valid when selecting a gripper solution for the robot.
  • OCR/barcode function to read of the objects (like serial numbers or type)
  • Additional output control (like PLC we can control other functions)
  • Customized reports (if customer requests reports/logs in a specific way)

Support and availability

Through an internet connection subject to the customer’s permissions, IVISYS can check, maintain and upgrade the system as needed. This allows IVISYS to act quickly should a situation need our attention.

IVISYS also offers the product with a designer mode software that enables the trained user to create new inspection jobs and change inspection parameters or even introduce new objects for inspection. Support and assistance in designer mode are also offered by IVISYS for this product

Could ‘Bin Pick & Check’ solve problems for you?

Let’s find out! Please, feel free to ask us a question.

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