Coating Check

Surface inspection of finished flat surfaces

The IVISYS inspection system for coated surfaces, facilitates both sheet and coil material. Using a high-resolution camera the system inspects the surface for discoloration or holidays found in the applied coating.

The result of the inspection can be an alarm that can draw the attention to the finishing station, or a signal to mark the coil along its edge.

3 Reasons Why

  • Automatic vision inspection is your only alternative to no inspection
  • In-line system also handling roll to roll material
  • Real-time view, alarm and logging of found imperfections

Case examples

A 2.200 meter long and 600mm wide aluminum coil is coated here with base and top coat – on both sides. The in-line inspection monitors the coating process in terms of surface coverage (holidays or larger pinholes) at speeds of 45m/min.

These coils represent a significant cost just the metal it selves. Making sure the surface is coated correctly has therefore a similar significant value as the product continues along the value chain.

The system is perfect for any inspection of a flat product where surface quality is determined by the shade of a colour. Some types of finishes pose more challenge than others, but send a sample and let us be challenged. Higher processing speeds are possible with more systems working in parallel.

How it works

The system takes detailed images of the surface at high speed. The type light and the colour is essential is this applications. The analysis looks for density variation in the image, why the contrast between top-coat and background plays a significant role. Spots down to 0,1% of the camera view can be identified.

The system continuously monitors the surface, issues an alarm, and logs the incident (location of sheet or coil). The output of the system can be used to mark the coated material, indicating areas where the surface has failed.

A system with two cameras can analyze two independent surfaces or a wider area, all depending on the final speed and accuracy demanded.

Why should you automate your quality control?

For surface coating, manually inspection of continues rolls and at such speeds is impossible. An automatic system is the only practical solution. Even when coating sheets or individual products, manual inspection of finish quality is very hard.

Automatic inspection, on the other hand is a tireless, objective and consistent method to achieve instantly error-free results. Keeping an eye on the product quality offers a multitude of adevantages.

What’s included

This is a complete and fully operational system

  • Camera and specific chosen light
  • A cabinet to shield the setup from external light
  • Our advanced IVISYS Pro vision software
  • A Microsoft™ based powerful PC
  • A touch screen monitor for operating the system and viewing the inspection in real-time
  • Output for alarm function
  • Log/report of inspected and found deviations

The mounting of the system is at customer’s discretion. If special fixtures or other mechanical systems are needed, the cost and implementation of these are invoiced separately.

surface flaw inspection of coated metal

Coating check inspects for a range of various surface flaws.

Add-on options

The following available options expand the basic capability of the system further:

  • Multiple cameras for added accuracy or surface
  • Additional output control (to control more external functions)
  • Customized reports (according to specific customer request)

Support and availability

Through an internet connection subject to the customer’s permissions, IVISYS can check, maintain and upgrade the system as needed. This allows IVISYS to act quickly should a situation need our attention.

IVISYS also offers the product with a designer mode software that enables the trained user to create new inspection jobs and change inspection parameters or even introduce new objects for inspection. Support and assistance in designer mode are also offered by IVISYS for this product.

Could ‘Coating Check’ solve problems for you?

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