Optical Sorting Machine


Automatic quality inspection of specialty fasteners

IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine performs automated inspection and sorting of fasteners, components and other complex parts. The inspection may include measurement of various distances down to micron levels, detecting various types of flaws on surfaces and cavities. Other inspection task such as code reading, angles etc. can be added

5 Reasons Why

  • High volume inspection (Inspect up to 9 meters/minute)
  • Usable for multiple articles with short change-over time
  • Inspect on micron level achievable
  • Compact cabinet for space optimization
  • Variable sorting options

IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine performs automated 100% inspection and sorting of complex fasteners.  The inspection looks for left over material from the manufacturing process such as burrs. However, the inspection can also check other parameters such as sizes and positions.

How it works

At one end of the system, the fasteners are loaded. The fasteners are dropped on the rotating conveyor. The fasteners are then singled out and oriented correctly prior to the inspection.

A high-resolution camera captures the images of the product and sends it to a computer. The computer can control more cameras, should it be necessary to inspect other regions of the object. Specific lighting is adapted to enhance the detail that need to be inspected.

The Optical Sorting machine inspects fasteners with one or more cameras looking at the external as well as internal features of each bolt. Typical inspection could include dimension, thread, surface flaws or even as here internal flaw or foreign particles in the machined fluid channels.

Based on the outcome of the analysis, we can set rules for how to issue alarms or control external tasks. Here we sort the fastener in failed or passed, two individual crates.
Optionally, we offer to count and fill the fasteners into separate cardboard boxes on a conveyor.

We log every inspection we perform. Such information is valuable not only as status of the daily inspection, but can be used actively in an effort to manage the manufacturing process and lower the waste also.

Through an internet connection but subject on the customer’s permissions, we can check, maintain and upgrade the system as needed. This allows us also to react quickly should a situation need our attention.

Why should you automate your quality control?

First – quality control is not only a mean to supply products that meet customer requirement. Quality inspection if conducted diligently also reduces waste and increases profit.
Manual inspection is neither practical nor profitable for this type of product.

Automatic inspection, on the other hand is a tireless, objective, consistent and a fast method to achieve instant better results. It also offers the possibility of collecting valuable statistical data and documenting the quality process.

What’s included

  • It contains a feeding conveyors and a feeder of the fasteners to the camera
  • The imaging system has the mechanical control and sorting mechanism
  • With that comes the two cameras and light
  • IVISYS Pro vision software for fast inspection
  • A Microsoft based powerful PC
  • A PLC controller for machine manipulation and safety
  • A touch screen monitor for operating the system and viewing the inspection
  • Output for an acoustic alarm or other function
  • Log of start/stop, passed/failed and error type

Add-on options

The following available options expand the basic capability of the system further:

  • Additional cameras for more details in inspection
  • An automatic box filling conveyor (based on counting)
  • A pallet Tipper, for emptying pallet of fasteners to the inspection conveyor
  • Exchangeable mechanics to enable inspection of a variety of fasteners
  • A remote controlled camera for supervision of system
  • Additional output control (like PLC we can control other functions)
  • Customized reports (if customer wants reports in a specific way)

Support and availability

Through an internet connection subject to the customer’s permissions, IVISYS can check, maintain and upgrade the system as needed. This allows IVISYS to act quickly should a situation need our attention.

IVISYS also offers the product with a designer mode software that enables the trained user to create new inspection jobs and change inspection parameters or even introduce new objects for inspection. Support and assistance in designer mode are also offered by IVISYS for this product.

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