Flexible vision system for 2D and 3D inspection

It checks the products with high precision and in multiple areas. Detects defects and logs the results.


  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer product claims
  • Higher quality
  • Reduced costs
  • Quick return of investment

Reduce cost with ShapeInspector

ShapeInspector verifies that your products are manufactured according to specification. It gives you control over material costs, minimizes product returns and optimizes your production.

See production trends and act before defective products gets produced.

Easily compares productivity and quality between different production lines and tools.

Well-proven in manufacturing industry

ShapeInspector is well-proven for 2D and 3D inspection.

The system can easily and rapidly switch between different products to inspect and it is easy to load both manually or by robot.

How does it work?

  1. Select product recipe for the inspection.
  2. Product or palette loads manually or by robot when the feeder axis is in its outer position.
  3. The inspection process is activated manually or by external communication.
  4. ShapeInspector moves the product into the system.
  5. ShapeInspector runs the inspection sequence with optimized light and camera position.
  6. The inspection result is presented on the screen and stored in ShapeInspectors internal database and also reported to external device.
  7. The product is removed out of the system and replaced with next product to be inspected.


2D and 3D inspection

  • Height
  • Diameters, angles
  • Shape
  • Surface
  • Roundness, flatness

Cosmetic inspection

  • Surface defects
  • Shape
  • Scratches
  • Color
  • Chips
  • Threads
  • Foreign material

Technical specifications

  • Service Dimensions:  LxHxW 700x700x800 mm
  • Inspection speed: Depending on product
  • Resolution: High resolution ±5µm
  • Adaptable to SCADA: Yes
  • User interface: Touch screen
  • Power: 230VAC 10A
  • Product change: Automatic
  • Communication: Digital, serial, customized on demand
  • Service: Remote control
  • Dimensions: LxHxW 700x700x800 mm
The system is useful for inspecting a wide range of object types.

inspecting shapes of metal objects


  • Cavity measurements
  • Vacuum palette
  • Reject station
  • Cleanroom adaptable
  • Scalable performance

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