Automated inspection system for returnable crates/trays

Checks the crates with high precision and high speed. Detects defects and logs the results.


  • Fewer product claims, fully automated quality control on your produce
  • Downtime eliminator increases your production
  • Captured statistical information will provide you with production intelligence
  • Full scalability depending on your perfomance requirements
  • Increase of quality levels on products
  • Reduces costs
  • Quick return of investment

Why risk shipping defective crates/trays?

TrayInspector verifies that your trays and crates are free from label residue, deformations and defect bail arms.

The system can be fitted into your existing production line with a conveyor speed up to 2 meters per second and 4000 crates per hour.

Well-proven in tough environments

Traynspector is built to withstand the demanding environment in the washing facilities that handles returnable crates.

IVISYS has developed TrayInspector for more than 10 years for the Swedish industry and covers the Swedish market.

This made a reliable and rapid system that delivers realtime statistical data to improve your production.

How does it work?

TrayInspector reject station

TrayInspector for returnable crates

  1. After being washed the crates are transported through
    the TrayInspector system.The crates are separated to
    enable both front and backside inspection.
  2. The crates are inspected during transport through the
    system. TrayInspector verifies that the crates are
    free from label residue, deformations and defect bail arms
    and that bail arms are in correct position.
  3. Data from the inspection is compared with the preset
    tolerances, if a defect is found the system signals to the
    reject station to remove the crate from the conveyor.
  4. The crates and systems condition is logged to a local
  5. Operating data on crates can be presented and
    reported graphically by our software DataMine.

The following data can be displayed:

  • Different defect types within the chosen
    time span, product and system.
  • Label residue position on the different crate sides


  • High speed inspection: 4000 crates/hour
  • Scalable performance
  • Rejected and sorted by defect type
  • Adaptable to existing production lines
  • Easy maintenance
  • Real-time production statistics
  • Crate defect detections:
    • Label residue
    • Residue inside crate
    • Cracks, broken, deformations
    • Damaged corners
    • Damaged or missing bail arm
    • Bail arm i wrong position

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: Up to 4000 crates/hour
  • Field of view: Depending on application
  • Sensors: 3D, 2D depending on application
  • User interface: Touch screen
  • Power: 230VAC 10A
  • Humidity: Designed for washing plants
  • Communication: Digital, serial, customized on demand
  • Service: Remote control
  • Dimensions: LxHxW 1800x1800x2500 mm depending on design
A wide range of shapes and size of trays are inspected by Tray Inspector.

A wide range of shapes and size of trays are inspected by Tray Inspector.


  • WatchDog
  • DataMine statistical module
  • Inspection speed scalable to requirement
  • Connection to SCADA
  • Scalable performance
  • Rinse Pattern

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