Verification Station

Verify quickly the shape or the features of an object

IVISYS Verification Station offers a fast inspection of stamped, welded, machined or cut metal parts. In addition, also other materials can be inspected such as plastic, composites or wood. As long as the defect is clearly visible to the camera – it can be verified.

3 Reasons Why

  • More than 90% cost reduction in avoiding delivery of failed parts
  • Manage and inspect many product combinations
  • Document what you inspect using the log

Case examples

Here is an inspection of parts by a supplier to the automotive industry. After the spot welding the metal object is placed on a conveyor that caries it passed a camera. The system checks that both the nuts are in place. If not, an alarm is issued.

The method of inspection is applicable to a wide range of processes, as long as the features are visible. To check for items like bolts or nuts, verify assemblies, compare shapes or check if all items in a packaging are present before it is shipped off. It can easily also check multiple parts or features.

The above combinations are stored and can instantly be recalled. The system is capable of switching instantly between product series.

How it works

A camera is placed above the object to be inspected. At the press of a key (or activated by a sensor if part passes by) the system captures an image of the object and instantly replies “passed” or “failed”. The inspection is a comparison of a similar image with a “correct” object.

Like a regular camera, the system needs to be positioned and focused according to size and position of the object. Sizes are typically ranging from 20 to 2000 mm. The defect should be larger than 1 % of area we are inspecting.

To help in positioning the object, a fixture is offered optionally to help the user position items easier in front of the camera.

When system is mounted above a conveyor, the objects should be oriented the same way for the defect to be found.

Why should you automate your quality control?

First – quality control is not only a mean to manufacture products that meet customer requirement. Quality inspection will also reduce waste and therefore increases profit further.

Manual inspection only reduces the number of failed products by a factor of 3-6. Furthermore, critical inspections are tiresome, and the staff should be rotated at regular intervals to keep their senses sharp.

Automatic inspection, on the other hand is a tireless, objective, consistent and a fast method to achieve instantly better results. It is also the perfect candidate for collecting valuable statistical data and documenting the process in order to offer a good Return On Investment (ROI).

What’s included

The system comes with the camera and light in an enclosure

  • IVISYS Pro vision software for fast inspection
  • A Microsoft ™ based powerful PC
  • A touch screen monitor for operating the system and viewing the inspection
  • Output for an acoustic alarm or other purpose
  • Log of start/stop, passed/failed and error type

Add-on options

The following available options expand the basic capability of the system further:

  • Additional cameras to cover other areas (blind angles)
  • Color Imaging (color is involved in inspection)
  • Fixture for easy manual position of object below the camera (one per type)
  • Additional output control functions (like PLC we can control other operations)
  • Customized reports (if customer requests reports in a specific way)

Support and availability

Through an internet connection subject to the customer’s permissions, IVISYS can check, maintain and upgrade the system as needed. This allows IVISYS to act quickly should a situation need our attention.

IVISYS also offers the product with a designer mode software that enables the trained user to create new inspection jobs and change inspection parameters or even introduce new objects for inspection. Support and assistance in designer mode are also offered by IVISYS for this product.

Could ‘Verification Station’ solve problems for you?

Let’s find out! Please, feel free to ask us a question.

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