Optical Sorting Machine

IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine performs automated 100% inspection and sorting of objects such as complex fasteners, often used in the automotive industry.

360 Inspection

The IVISYS 360 Inspection system performs a 100% inspection of cylindrical objects. Using a high-resolution, multi-camera setup, the system inspects an object’s outer and inner surfaces for any type of surface flaws. Objects in the automotive industry could be gears of various types.

Bin Pick & Check

The IVISYS Bin Pick & Check picks up an object from a bin or a box, afterwards the object is inspected or approved or discarded. Brackets in car engines is a good example of how this solution is applicable for the automotive industry.

Multi Area Scan

IVISYS Multiple Area Scan performs high-resolution analysis, even of large surfaces, such as wheel discs or a brake pads. It can be fed manually or by a robot cell, enabling fully automated control for automotive manufacturers.

Verification Station

IVISYS Verification Station provides fast inspection of stamped, welded, machined or cut metal parts. In addition, other materials can be inspected such as plastic or composites. As long as the defect is clearly visible to the camera, it can be verified.