Business objective

State of the vision system market

Clients in all industries are demanding flawless products, which makes it mandatory for manufactures to implement quality control measures. Many manufacturers still rely on manual inspection for quality control and consequently inspection processes are not 100 pct. reliable.

Some manufacturers have already shifted to automated vision systems for executing quality control; however, such traditional vision systems are not suitable for conducting quality control of short series.

With regard to long series, traditional systems require a very stable production environments to function correctly, such as stable lighting conditions; moreover, items need to be put into test jigs or fixtures in order to avoid that such traditional systems make false ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ classifications of the inspected items.

Furthermore, traditional vision systems are costly to acquire and operating such systems requires staff with extensive specialist knowledge. In addition, adjustments to such systems are reliant on calling in vision experts, which implies cost for manufacturers.

Delivering easy-to-use vision systems

IVISYS has developed a method for automated quality control, which is suitable for mass production of long series as well as for low volume manufacturers of short series.

IVISYS provides stand-alone vision systems offering quality control in a ‘plug and play’ manner, easily installed in a few hours. The systems are fully equipped with cameras, hardware and software. IVISYS’ systems execute high-speed inspections and make it possible for manufacturers to conduct multiple inspections of each item, simultaneously.

As a result, quality control is conducted faster than otherwise possible, lowering cost for customers.

Business objective

IVISYS’ business objective is to establish itself as a market leader in the field of easy-to-use vision systems; the company’s focus is to create value for customers by enabling them to deliver flawless products to end clients.