IVISYS featured in Danish industry media Jern og Maskinindustrien

IVISYS’ founders featured in Danish media ‘Jern og Metalindustrien’

[dropcaps2]T[/dropcaps2]he Danish industry media Jern og Metalindustrien has published an article featuring IVISYS’ two founders CTO Moatasem Chehaiber (left) and CEO Jakob Kesje (right). The article explains how IVISYS’ solutions can replace manual inspection utilizing the company’s novel image processing algorithms. Furthermore, the article covers the history and growth plans of IVISYS, which is a small […]

Regional Sales Manager at IVISYS David S. Joelsen _

IVISYS welcomes new sales manager David S. Joelsen

IVISYS welcomes new regional sales manager David S. Joelsen, who will help manufactures increase efficiency. [dropcaps2]M[/dropcaps2]any manufacturers still have an untapped potential to increase efficiency through an improved quality control process. In order to increase the knowledge of how automated quality inspection can help manufacturers, IVISYS welcomes new regional sales manager David S. Joelsen. David […]

IVISYS - Industrial Vision Systems

IVISYS welcomes new engineer with drone expertise

IVISYS is in the process of recruiting talented professionals, with expertise in image processing and vision engineering. As a first step, the company welcomes software developer Miriam Nærum, a former drone imaging specialist. [dropcaps2]I[/dropcaps2]VISYS welcomes new software developer Miriam Nærum, who joins the company’s software developer team. Miriam holds a Master of Science degree in mathematical […]

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