The world moves faster towards automation

It does not come as a big surprise, since we have seen it coming for a long time. However, now a new survey from EY that was published in The Guardian this week – – confirms that the decision makers are prepared to invest more heavily in replacing manual labor. This play very well into […]

Promoting the IVISYS Logistic Inspector

We were all ready to go to the LogiMat 2020 to promote our IVISYS Logistic Inspector for the global audience. Unfortunately the LogiMat 2020 was cancelled, so we will need to promote this awesome solution digitally, just like the entire business community as turned to be during this virus crisis. The IVISYS Logistic Inspector is […]

IVISYS AB receives order from LM Wind Power in Denmark

Press release IVISYS AB 556998-4981 29 June 2018 IVISYS AB (’IVISYS’) has received an order from the Danish company LM Wind Power A/S, the world’s largest manufacturer of rotor blades for wind turbines. IVISYS has been selected to develop and present the design of a standardized, automated vision inspection system, which will be used by […]

IVISYS AB wins the ‘Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award’ awarded by Frost & Sullivan, a leading global market intelligence provider

Press release IVISYS AB 556998-4981 4 October 2017 Today, the market intelligence provider Frost & Sullivan announced that IVISYS AB (‘IVISYS’) has won Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 ‘Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award’ in the European market, for IVISYS’ machine vision inspection platform. Based on a comparative industry research report, IVISYS has won the Frost […]

SE press release: IVISYS AB vinnar 2017 “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award” som utdelas av Frost & Sullivan, en ledande global aktör inom marknadsanalys

Pressmeddelande IVISYS AB 556998-4981 2017-10-04 Idag meddelade det mycket erkända marknadsanalysföretaget Frost & Sullivan att IVISYS AB (“IVISYS”) har vunnit Frost & Sullivans 2017 “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award” på den europeiska marknaden för sin innovativa ”Machine Vision” platform. Baserat på en jämförande branschforskningsrapport har Frost & Sullivan beslutat att IVISYS ska vinna deras […]

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