IVISYS Pro vision systems offer manufacturers a fully automated quality control solution.

Many manufacturers are still not using automated quality control. Historically, this is because the human eye has been superior to vision systems, when it comes to assessing if a particular visual feature on an item is a flaw or not.

Relying on manual inspection leads to mistakes

Unfortunately, relying on manual quality control leads to mistakes. Often manual control is a monotonous job conducted under time pressure, leading to all sorts of human errors caused by distractions and tiredness.

Benefits of automated quality control by IVISYS Pro

By using IVISYS Pro for automated quality control, manufacturers achieve several benefits:

Firstly, by using IVISYS Pro all errors related to manual inspectors’ lack of attention are avoided. Our systems can inspect the most detailed shapes on any object and stay equally focused on each and every object.

Secondly, overall production speed is increased. IVISYS Pro executes multiple inspections in-line at very high speed, many times faster than any manual inspection team.

Thirdly, you avoid all errors related to mistaken human assessments of flaws, when using IVISYS Pro all automated quality control is conducted within preset tolerance bands.

Watch our introduction video

Watch our introduction video below and see an example of how an IVISYS Pro system is applied.