The system takes detailed images of the surface at high speed. The type of light and the color are essential in this application. The analysis looks for density variation in the image, which is why the contrast between top-coat and background plays a significant role. Spots down to 0.1% of the camera view can be identified.

The system continuously monitors the surface, and in the event of an error issues an alarm, and logs the incident (location of sheet or coil). The output of the system can be used to mark the coated material, indicating areas where the surface has failed.

A system with two cameras can analyze two independent surfaces or a wider area, all depending on the final speed and accuracy demanded.


  • Camera and specific chosen light
  • A cabinet to shield the setup from external light
  • Our advanced IVISYS Pro vision software
  • Windows based industrial vision computer
  • A touch screen monitor for operating the system and viewing the inspection in real-time
  • Output for alarm function
  • Log/report of inspected and found deviations
  • The mounting of the system is at the customer’s discretion; special needs are invoiced separately.


  • Multiple cameras for added accuracy or surfaces
  • Additional output control (to control more external functions)
  • Customized reports (according to specific customer request)
  • 3D sensors to measure depth/height of defects


Inspection Speed 10m/min
Object Size Max 1200mm width
Object Weight Max NA
Min Feature Size 300um
Sensor HRI Camera
User interface Intuitive GUI
Communication TCP/IP
Interface I/O Opto In/SSR out
Service Remote Diagnostics
Power 230Vac/10A