Ideal for short-series production

Most existing vision systems are not suitable for short-series production. There are several reasons for this, such as inflexibility, they require a high degree of expertise to deploy and are costly to acquire.

IVISYS has eliminated these barriers making IVISYS Pro F, IVISYS Pro V and IVISYS Pro M ideal for short-series manufactures, who can leverage the benefits of machine vision, previously only feasible for manufacturers engaged in mass production.

Set up new inspection tasks in 1 hour

Setting up a new inspection task using an IVISYS Pro solution is done within one hour. This is possible because of the easy-to-use IVISYS Pro User Interface, which lets any user set up a new inspection task in a guided step by step manner.

Setting up a new inspection task is done in one of two possible ways. One way is to use live visual feedback from the system cameras to define specific regions of interest, which should be inspected.

Another way to create a new inspection task is to import a 3D CAD model into the system and afterwards define the particular regions of interest on the item and the related inspection tasks.

After defining the regions of interest and specific inspection tasks, an inspection project is permanently saved for future use.

Change between existing tasks in minutes

After having defined one or more specific inspection tasks, such predefined projects are easily reloaded into the system.

This means that short-series manufacturers can switch between predefined projects within minutes. This is done directly from the IVISYS Pro User Interface.

Watch our introduction video

Watch our introduction video below and see an example of how an IVISYS Pro system is applied.