Industrial Automation

Following increasing competitiveness in the global market, putting pressure on businesses to deliver a consistent flow of high quality products at competitive prices, implementing quality assurance and quality control systems has become a fundamental step to many businesses. In brief, Industrial Automation is the use of control systems, such as machines and computer software, aimed at reducing human intervention in industrial processes through a wide range of technologies.

Technological advancements in the automotive industry allow manufacturers to gain better control of production and facilitate businesses in optimizing cost of operation. In addition, industrial automation systems eliminate the risk of human error, allowing for greater conformity and uniformity in production, while increasing safety in the workplace by substituting personnel in hazardous working conditions.

The IVISYS inspectors present a reliable and robust solution for businesses, reinventing the whole idea of how a machine vision system works. Our systems significantly reduce the need for human intervention in industrial processes while increasing the quality, efficiency and flexibility of production. At IVISYS, we present a wide range of QA/QC Systems for the Automotive Industry. Install the PalletInspector to detect damaged or defect pallets that pose a risk to multiple aspects of production, or set up the Logistics Inspector to ensure you deliver the correct quantities.

With over 20 years of experience in the automated inspection industry, the IVISYS visual inspection systems present a reliable solution for businesses on their path towards adjusting to growing competition and technological advancements. By offering new, innovative and integrated technologies, we challenge the status quo of industrial production. Learn more about what we offer and explore our entire range of QA/QC Systems here.

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