Rights issuance October 2017

IVISYS is raising capital to fuel future growth: Develop a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, prepare for possible large order intake and increase market penetration.

Memorandum (in Swedish):

Inbjudan till teckning av aktier i företrädesemission: Emissionsmemorandum hösten 2017

Subscription form (in Swedish):

Anmälningssedel för teckning av aktier i Ivisys  AB (publ) utan företrädesrätt

You can also subscribe using your ‘BankID’ here: www.aktieinvest.se/ivisys2017

Video from the event ‘Stora Aktiedagen’ October 17, 2017

Video from the event ‘InvestorDagen’ held in Copenhagen, September 19, 2017

FAQ for shareholders

What is the price of the shares issued in this share issue?
The new shares are issued to at a fixed price of SEK 5 for each new share.

I have warrants (ticker ‘IVISYS TR’) in my deposit. How many shares can I buy?
For every 4 warrants of series ‘IVISYS TR’, you own, you get can buy one new share: (your number of warrants)/4 = the number of shares you can buy.

When will I be able to exercise my warrants?
During the period of 16 – 31 October 2017

Can I sell my warrants?
Yes, to the extent anyone would like to buy them. They will have the ticker ‘IVISYS TR’ on First North.

I have no warrants, can I buy them?
Yes, to the extent anyone is selling them. They will have the ticker ‘IVISYS TR’ on First North.

What is the price of buying ‘IVISYS TR’ on Nasdaq First North?
‘IVISYS TR’ will be freely traded, so supply and demand will determine the price.

When will the temporary shares ‘IVISYS BTA’ be converted into ordinary shares, traded on First North?
During November 2017

Can I sell my ‘IVISYS BTA’s?
Yes, ‘IVISYS BTA’, can be traded on First North until they are converted into ordinary shares.


For any questions regarding the issuance:

Jakob Kesje, CEO IVISYS AB
Phone: +46 (0) 763 111 911
E-mail: jk@ivisys.com