IVISYS Advanced Conveyor Inspection Station


The IVISYS Advanced Conveyor Inspection Station (MAS600XUL) is a multi-purpose inspection station usable for verification, flaw detection and measurement applications. The station comes with one of the IVISYS Pro Inspection modules or a combination of these. It consists of a highly programmable multi-area scanning module, and a conveyor belt, which is programmable with respect to running speed.

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Adjustable height

The adjust-ability in height difference combined with the programmability of the scanning module; provide well controllable and adjustable precision levels of measurements and inspection. This also provides a high flexibility to support inspecting objects of different dimensions.
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360 o and top surface inspection

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The inspection station is equipped with top and side cameras and is capable of performing 360o all around
inspecting of objects. Objects can be up to 600 mm wide, 600 mm high and infinitely long. Flaw detection and
verification jobs are performed reliably, invariant to object rotation and displacement within a 600 mm wide field.

Data sheet MAS600XUL
(download as pdf)

Parameter Description   Note
Product name MAS600XUL Multi-Area scan inspection station. 360o all-around
Flaw detection
IVISYS Pro F Flaw detection including pores, holes, bulbs, bulges and scratches with exact size determination (read more).
IVISYS Pro V Verification module, detects the presence or absence of components on the objects. Also detects orientation and placement of items (read more).
IVISYS Pro M Measurement module. Measures area and perimeter of geometric shapes as well as distances between edges and geometries (read more).
Max inspection speed 10 items per sec. Depends on item complexity and size.
Max object width 600 mm Limited by the conveyer belt width.
Max object height 600 mm Limited by height of inspection station
Max. object length Infinity Upon synchronizing conveyer belt speed and motion, with motion of actuator, provides capability of inspecting long objects.
Number of cameras Up to 6 Minimum one top camera. 5 more camera modules are optionally fixed to sides and corners to support all-around, 3D inspection.
Physical dimensions 1000 x 800 x 2100 mm Can be delivered with different dimensions.

The IVISYS Advanced Conveyor Inspection Station presented at Hannover Messe 2015: