IVISYS Pro F: quality inspection software

IVISYS Pro F helps manufacturers conduct fully automated flaw detection. All types of flaws are detected, independent to shapes and sizes. IVISYS F executes complex flaw detection tasks on multiple regions of interest simultaneously, each task being individually adjustable. IVISYS Pro F is typically provided with one of IVISYS’ standard products, which can be customized to specific needs.

Typical applications of IVISYS Pro F

  • Detecting irregular edges
  • Detecting surface scratches, bulbs and holes
  • Detecting deviating surface textures

Easy-to-use graphical user interface

IVISYS Pro F is normally operated by a unified easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface. The interface does not require any level of formal education to operate. Using the IVISYS Pro User Interface, introducing a new object inspection task is commonly done within one hour. Afterwards, switching between such predefined projects is done within minutes.

Features and specifications of IVISYS Pro F

  • Handles flaw detection on objects invariant to rotation and displacement
  • Performs in normal office light conditions (robust to illumination changes)
  • Processes up to 30 objects per second
  • Flaw detection with micrometer precision
  • Usable with both area scan and line scan cameras
  • Allows you to run short series and setup new products in less than 1 hour

IVISYS Pro F applications

Below you find three examples of how IVISYS’ solutions are applied for flaw detection. This is only a few examples of the range of possibilities IVISYS offers.

Example 1: Flaw detection on sheet metal surfaces

IVISYS’ software can power systems that can conduct automated inspection of surface flaws of rolled steel sheets as well as surface-treated sheets detecting surface flaws or deviations.
Metal sheets are often surface treated with various coatings. IVISYS’ solutions execute in-line inspections of whether the completed surface treatment meets desired quality levels.

Example 2: Surface flaws on cast metal surfaces

Cast metal parts are often used in engine designs. Voids or other surface faults can cause leaks and reduces the strength of the part. IVISYS’ software can power systems, which find these faults according to a specification of size and location.
Flawless surfaces are ensured by IVISYS’ proprietary image processing software.

Example 3: 3D inspection of plastics and injection molding

Cracks, voids, porosity, and other surface discontinuities in plastics and other composites occasionally occur when injection molding, caused by the manufacturing process. IVISYS’ software can power systems, which can provide a 3D surface inspection of plastic surfaces, examining all sides of the object, rather than just the top surface.
All important areas on a car headlight housing can be inspected for cracks, voids and other imperfections.