IVISYS Pro M: Gauging Software

IVISYS Pro M is used by manufacturers to ensure that product dimensions fall within acceptable tolerance bands. The gauging process is carried out in-line at high speed. Multiple gauging tasks are executed simultaneously. IVISYS Pro M is often supplied with one of IVISYS standard products, including a full hardware installation.

Typical applications of IVISYS Pro M

  • Measuring the distance between any two points
  • Measure the perimeter of any shape
  • Measure an angle between two lines
  • Measuring the size of a shape on an object

Easy-to-use graphical user interface

IVISYS Pro M is normally operated by a unified easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface. The interface does not require any level of formal education to operate. Using the IVISYS Pro User Interface, introducing a new object inspection task is commonly done within one hour. Afterwards, switching between such predefined projects is done within minutes.

Features and specifications of IVISYS Pro M

  • Handles measurement tasks on 2D objects
  • Performs in normal office light conditions (robust to illumination changes)
  • Processes up to 30 objects per second
  • Usable with both area scan and line scan cameras
  • Allows you to run short series and setup new products in less than 1 hour
  • Conducts measuring tasks with micrometer precision

Applications of IVISYS Pro M

Below you find three examples of how IVISYS’ software can be applied for gauging applications. They represent only a few examples of the range of possibilities IVISYS offers.

Example 1: Gauging dimensions of engine parts

It is vital when producing high-quality products in manufacturing industries such as the aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, and electronics industries that dimensions are in compliance with specifications. Besides engine parts, IVISYS’ software can be used to power systems measuring any other critical dimension of a product, whether it is composite, plastic or metal. IVISYS’ solutions provide exact gauging applications, measuring total part length or any point-to-point distances. IVISYS’ systems can execute multiple point-to-point distance measurements simultaneously.

Example 2: Measurement of gasket perimeter

Any perimeter can be measured, and in most cases both inner and outer perimeters can be measured. In this case, the precise measurements of the holes within the gasket and the shapes and angles of the outer edge are taken. Multiple inspections of perimeters on exhaust gasket for automotive use.

Example 3: Dental implant in jaw bone

As IVISYS’ advanced and unique software works equally well on large and smaller objects, the only limitation is the applied camera and optics. The image below shows dental jaw bone implants. IVISYS’ software can power systems, which can execute point-to-point measurements as well as perimeter measurements of such items. Even very small objects such as dental implants can be subjected to automated gauging using IVISYS’s systems; it is just a matter of applying the right optics.