LEAN production

The concept of LEAN production contains multiple areas of focus. IVISYS’ solutions help manufacturers address some of these, such as: reducing overproduction, increasing production speed and minimizing defects.

Reduce overproduction with IVISYS Pro

Overproduction is one of the ‘7 wastes’ within LEAN thinking. There are multiple sources of overproduction; one of them is the forecasting of errors. Using IVISYS Pro vision systems manufacturers can get detailed data and statistics on the number of defects and thus make more accurate error forecasting.

Another source of overproduction is when products are wrongly classified as ‘defects’,  Such faulty classification errors are avoided when using IVISYS Pro. The outcome is a higher throughput rate for the manufacturer.

Optimize production speed with IVISYS Pro

Another key focus area when working with LEAN is to optimize production speed. When using IVISYS Pro vision systems manufacturers increase production speed significantly. The most obvious case is when an IVISYS Pro vision system replaces manual inspection. Our system can process up to 35 objects per second, making it multiple times faster than any kind of manual inspection.

However, even manufacturers who are already using vision systems can increase production speed by shifting to an IVISYS Pro solution. The reason for this is, that IVISYS Pro can conduct multiple different inspections simultaneously, such as multiple verification and flaw detection inspections at the same time.

Thereby an IVISYS Pro solution can replace multiple different inspection stations needed in many current production environments. Besides optimizing production speed, this also leads to reduced cost of ownership for manufacturers.

Minimize defects with IVISYS Pro

A third key idea in LEAN thinking is to minimize defects.  IVISYS Pro vision system‘s detailed reporting options enable manufacturers to track precisely how a change in a production process impacts the throughput rate of flawless products.

Such reports can be split into multiple subcategories of how a change in the production process changes the statistics related to specific flaws. Using IVISYS Pro in this manner, manufacturers will gradually lower the overall defect rate of the company.