Machine vision systems made flexible

IVISIS has reinvented machine vision systems

Conventional machine vision systems require stable object presentation in order to work reliably. They demand controlled, rigid light conditions and limited object rotation or displacement. This has made conventional machine vision systems costly to establish and inflexible regarding changes in the production environment.

IVISYS has reinvented the whole idea of how a machine vision system works.

No need for test jigs or fixtures

IVISYS Pro F, IVISYS Pro M and IVISYS Pro V do not need any test jigs and fixtures for to conduct machine vision tasks. This is because IVISYS’ technology is able to determine placement of the examined item on a conveyer and execute the required inspection of the item, accordingly.

This has two implications making IVISYS far more flexible than most other existing machine vision systems; IVISYS Pro is invariant to rotation as well as displacement.

Illustration of IVISYS Pro’s flexibility

Rotation Invariant

When using IVISYS Pro F or IVISYS Pro V for automated inspection, the orientation and angle of the inspected item does not matter. IVISYS Pro operates at high-speed, invariant to the rotation of the object.

Displacement Invariant

Besides being invariant to rotation, IVISYS Pro solutions are also invariant to displacement of an object. This means that objects can be placed anywhere within the system cameras’ field of vision and still be inspected.

Patented image processing allows flexibility

The IVISYS Pro product series is based on a novel patented image processing algorithm, which enables the IVISYS Pro solutions to execute inspections invariant to rotation and displacement. It is also this patented algorithm which enables IVISYS Pro solutions to perform multiple different inspections in parallel without any time delay.

Watch our introduction video

Watch our introduction video below and see an example of how an IVISYS Pro system is applied.