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30 June 2016

In the just released June issue of the magazine Manufacturing Tech Insights, IVISYS AB (‘IVISYS’) has been picked as one of the ‘Top 10 machine vision solution providers’ as a part of a magazine feature on the vision industry.

IVISYS is pleased to announce that the California based industry magazine Manufacturing Tech Insights has picked IVISYS as a Top 10 machine vision solution provider alongside companies from the US and Switzerland.

The magazine has chosen to focus on developments within the machine vision industry in the current issue—at a time when the demand for increased productivity has heighten the interest for workflow automation enabled by vision technology providers. Manufacturing Tech Insights has 25,000 subscribers.

Furthermore, the magazine has published an interview with IVISYS’ two founders, CEO Jakob Kesje and CTO Moatasem Chehaiber.

CTO Moatasem Chehaiber’s comments

‘It is quite pleasing to achieve this kind of recognition. Right from the beginning, we based our technology development on a novel approach to image processing, and getting this kind of recognition of our achievements, confirms that we are already on a stage, where our technology is at level with other established industry leaders. Leaders that have a much longer history than IVISYS, is very satisfying,’ says CTO Moatasem Chehaiber.

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IVISYS was formed on December 16th, 2014. IVISYS has developed a method for automatic quality control that is suitable for both mass production with long product series and smaller manufacturers with short product series. The company provides independent vision system solutions for quality control and offers a ‘plug-and-play’ solution with easy installation in just a few hours. IVISYS delivers complete solutions with cameras, lighting, hardware and software. The product performs quality inspections at high speed and allows multiple control points in a single inspection. This makes for much faster quality control. IVISYS’ solutions are easily adapted to different products and product variations. They do not require specific product positioning, while settings can be easily adjusted by the customer’s staff.