Press Release
November 26, 2018

IVISYS (‘IVISYS’) has a target of a turnover of at least SEK 20.0 million in 2019 with an associated profit of SEK 4.0 million before depreciation.
Order backlog (inbound order for invoicing) is mid-November 2018, approximately worth 5.5 MSEK.


”However, in the positive trend in sales in 2018, being existing customers’ expected projects in 2019, and our pipeline with quoted quotes, we can set a target for 2019, with a turnover of at least SEK 20.0 million and a profit before depreciation on a level around 4.0 MSEK. This is gratifying as it confirms our view of market size and development, as well as the product portfolio we offer for vision utilizationen bakgrund i den positiva utvecklingen i omsättningen i 2018, vara existerande kunders förväntade projekt under 2019, och vår pipeline med uteliggande offerter, kan vi uppställa en målsättning för 2019, med en omsättning på minimum 20,0 MSEK och en vinst före avskrivningar på en nivå runt 4,0 MSEK. Detta är glädjande, då det bekräftar vår syn på marknaden storlek och utveckling, samt den produkt portfölj vi erbjuder till vision avsyning.” säger IVISYS VD Mikael Sjöholm.


Sedermera Fondkommission is Certified Adviser to IVISYS.

Jakob Kesje, Chairman IVISYS AB Phone: +45 20 22 60 10 E-mail:

This information is information that IVISYS AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. This information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above on 26 November 2018.


IVISYS provides vision-based, quality inspection solutions for the industry, which can replace both manual and mechanical quality control. IVISYS’ unique, patented solutions make it possible to perform complex quality control while keeping the existing production flow unaffected. Unlike existing solutions, IVISYS provides solutions that make it possible to perform complex surface controls, control measurements on the micron level, and control multiple components in one instant process. The solutions are based on IVISYS’s patented image data processing, which differs fundamentally from the conventional processes used within vision systems today. IVISYS is capable of utilising high-resolution cameras in the company’s image processing, while at the same time processing image information faster than the company’s competitors. The solutions offered, have an average payback period of approximately six months for customers currently relying on mechanical or manual control.

IVISYS is the winner of Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year in Europe Award.