IVISYS AB announced earlier this week in a Press Release, that a second order from Logevo has been placed. IVISYS was working close with the client, to ensure the system will fulfil their expectations and satisfy their needs. This order gave us the possibility to strengthen our position as one of the leading companies in the field of vision system.

Logevo was looking for a way to ensure that the right deliveries are coming in and out from the warehouse. The solution IVISYS offered, was the Logistic Inspector. It inspects the surface of a delivery (in- our outgoing) on a pallet, in a crate or otherwise collected and defines the content visually. “For IVISYS the Logistic Inspector holds a large potential, since it solves the control task of incoming goods, as well as leaving goods for everyone who run a distribution center, small or large. And having a dedicated solution as reference is of course very positive for us” comments the CEO of IVISYS, Mikael Sjöholm.

It serves as a quality control of the content of the delivery. The Logistics Inspector will inform the operator about the products found in the delivery, give information if products are missing or in excess. Furthermore, it will also notify you if products are sticking out, and could get stuck in the truck or on the conveyor belt. It reads labels, barcodes and other information on the products. 


IVISYS is combining the knowledge of two engineering companies, one with a superior patented image processing software and the other with a unique superior command of Image acquisition. The unique product offering of IVISYS with the IVISYS Pro software suite, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and outstanding quality in light and sensor knowledge is giving the Industry automated vision inspection solutions that are reliable, fast and flexible. With a portfolio of standard solutions that can be integrated in almost all industrial productions the market accessible to IVISYS is global, large in volume, and growing at the rate of the industry automation, currently strongly driven by the industry 4.0 approach. The solutions offered are available to most industrial manufacturers due to the short ROI, when comparing to existing manual control widely used in the industry today.

Elected as “TOP 10 Machine Vision solution provider in Europe 2019” by Technology Insights Manufacturing.