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21 October 2019
IVISYS announces that the Swedish Patent authorities has issued an official approval of the company’s patent ‘Uniform Light Distribution’. The patent defines a method to optimize how light is distributed over an inspection area, in order to obtain the best possible lightning conditions when inspecting for surface flaws. The patent has been approved without any remarks during the application process, which indicates the patent’s height regarding novelty and that the patent stands out compared to other patents covering comparable processes.

“We are very satisfied with yet another important patent to our portfolio. This particular patent is supporting one of the most important components in a successful vision inspection. Lightning setup for is one of IVISYS specialties, and an area where we distant ourselves from our colleagues in the field. Now with this patent we also have legal tools to keep our competitors behind us when we look at standard solutions for the manufacturing industry. Previously, IVISYS has been granted worldwide patents for important software components for both finding features in images, as well as finding features in large databases, both at very high speed. These patent supports IVISYS novel image processing technology powering the company’s fast and flexible solutions for automated visual quality control. This is included in our software package IVISYS Pro. We look forward to also have our new patent protected in the same territories as our previous patents”, says CEO Mikael Sjöholm.

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IVISYS is combining the knowledge of two engineering companies, one with a superior patented image processing software and the other with a unique superior command of Image acquisition. The unique product offering of IVISYS with the IVISYS Pro software suite, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and outstanding quality in light and sensor knowledge is giving the Industry automated vision inspection solutions that are reliable, fast and flexible. With a portfolio of standard solutions that can be integrated in almost all industrial productions the market accessible to IVISYS is global, large in volume, and growing at the rate of the industry automation, currently strongly driven by the industry 4.0 approach. The solutions offered are available to most industrial manufacturers due to the short ROI, when comparing to existing manual control widely used in the industry today. Elected as “TOP 10 Machine Vision solution provider in Europe 2019” by Technology Insights Manufacturing