IVISYS is in the process of recruiting talented professionals, with expertise in image processing and vision engineering. As a first step, the company welcomes software developer Miriam Nærum, a former drone imaging specialist.

[dropcaps2]I[/dropcaps2]VISYS welcomes new software developer Miriam Nærum, who joins the company’s software developer team. Miriam holds a Master of Science degree in mathematical modelling and computing from DTU, the Technical University of Denmark. Miriam will strengthen IVISYS’ knowledge base and software development expertise, due to her experience with image processing from one of Denmark’s leading engineering companies, where she was engaged in 3D modelling and orthophoto, in some cases related using drones for thermography.

Same challenges, but on a different scale

Miriam says about her shift to IVISYS:

‘Even though the scale is completely different, some of the issues regarding image processing are the same no matter if an image is taken by a drone far up in the air – or half a meter away. In both cases, you need to apply, some of the same analysis to the images to identify the particular features, you want to examine,´ she says about what parallels, she sees between her previous and current position. Already during the years as a graduate student at DTU, Miriam started to specialize in image processing.

Image processing is at the very core of IVISYS’ flexible and user-friendly vision systems, since they all rely on the company’s novel patented image processing algorithm.