Each industry handles different types of materials, for this reason, they all somewhere need different specifications of Pallet Sorting Machines that help their handling and distribution in all sectors.

Gone are the days, when manual checking and sorting of pallets from a stack of pallets were used to be done by people. It is without a doubt a very time-consuming and cost-intensive process, especially in the case of a large number of pallet stacks. Hence, it can be accomplished only with the help of the staff.

But now things are easier as the Sorting Machine is here as a rescue. The PalletInspector verifies that your pallets are free from defects, deformations, and residue.

How does it work?

  • First, by your existing conveyor system, the pallets are transported through the PalletInspector.
  • Then further, during the transport, the pallets are inspected via the system.
  • As mentioned above, the PalletInspector confirms that the pallets do not contain any residue and defects.
  • If a defect is found, the system signals to remove the pallet from the conveyor.
  • Moreover, information on defects is stored in a local database.

Our high-performance pallet inspector is designed as a sorting line. The pallets are first automatically stacked, inspected, and then again stacked in the respective pallet magazine on the basis of the results of the inspection.

Benefits of Pallet Inspection System

  • It is one cost-effective solution
  • Increase of quality levels on products
  • Checks the pallets with high speed and high precision
  • Boosts your production.
  • Detects defects and logs the results.
  • Quick return of investment.
  • Fully automated quality control on your produce
  • Easy maintenance
  • Obtained statistical information will offer you production intelligence.
  • Real-time production statistics
  • Full scalability based on your performance requirements.

Our PalletInspector – Pallet Sorting Machine at IVISYS verifies your pallets well and can also be fitted into your existing production line. Plus, during the process, operating data on pallets can be presented and reported graphically with the help of our software DataMine. It overall displays different defect types within the chosen time span, product, and system and also shows residue and defects position on an image of the pallet. We offer a range of Quality Control Inspection solutions to businesses belonging to different industries.

If you need to learn more about our Pallet Sorting Machine or any other solution, you can reach us directly on +46 8 38 20 80!