We were all ready to go to the LogiMat 2020 to promote our IVISYS Logistic Inspector for the global audience. Unfortunately the LogiMat 2020 was cancelled, so we will need to promote this awesome solution digitally, just like the entire business community as turned to be during this virus crisis.

The IVISYS Logistic Inspector is replacing your manual control of goods entering or leaving your warehouse. The pallet or other types of carrier passes the IVISYS Logistic Inspector, and immediately you know the following:

  • Does the goods correspond to your order (incoming or outgoing)
  • Are the goods labeled correctly
  • Any visible damage to the goods from the outside
  • Any overfill to the pallet
  • Are the goods stable on the pallet (can it go into our racks)
  • Packing pattern usable for robot handling

All this information is obtained by automated visual inspection, and images are saved if you need to trace any delivery later. Sophisticated software will find outlines of goods, volume, sizes, labels, barcodes, stains, holes and more. All the information you need and so much that you will need it to be categorized and presented to your operator in a simple way. The IVISYS Logistic Inspector does this for you, so that operating the system feels easy, and reliable.

With the IVISYS Logistic Inspector you do not need to worry about customer claims, where you will need to question what really happened. You will have it all on files, from the minute it enters your warehouse, until it leaves.

If you wish to know more after this short introduction to the IVISYS Logistic Inspector, please connect with us on info@ivisys.com or call our office to talk to us. We will be looking forward to hearing from you!