We were all ready to go to the Elmia Automation in May 2020 in Jönköping, Swedento promote our IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine for the Scandinavian audience. Unfortunately also this fair was cancelled, so we will need to promote this awesome solution digitally, just like the entire business community has turned to during this virus crisis.

The IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine can replace manual control of all types of products, up to a certain size. Basically the products are brought individually to a glass table where they are identified, inspection from all sides for flaws, and measured as well. Depending on the inspection result, the products are sorted as good or bad, small or large, blue or green. Just as you would like it to be.

The inspection can include:

  • Distinguishing between various different products.
  • Identifying surface flaws such as cracks, missing material, porosities, stains etc.
  • Securing important dimensions are correct
  • Counting for packing purposed

All this information is obtained by automated visual inspection, and images are saved if you need to trace any product or flaw later. Sophisticated software will find unique features on each product, outline of product for measurements, color variations, excess material, or lack of material, stains, holes and more. All the information you need and so much that you will need it to be categorized and presented to your operator in a simple way. The IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine does this for you, so that operating the system feels easy, and reliable.The inspection can handle a number of different products, and changing between inspect programs is just pushing a bottom. New products, can, of course, be introduced and inspected when needed.

With the IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine you will be limiting your inspection cost substantially, as well as the number of customer claims. Further you will have the history documented in images, log files etc. so you can improve your feedback in any claim situation. Further this information will serve your production digitalization, and help you improve your production from the statistical information and visual production history, that the IVISYS Optical Product Sorting Machine can provide.

If you wish to know more after this short introduction to the IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine, please connect with us on info@ivisys.com or call our office to talk to us. We will be looking forward to hearing from you!