Press release
27 May 2016

IVISYS has developed a new version of the company’s IVISYS Pro software. The new software release contains a new GUI, micron level precision, automated camera calibration, barcode scanning and many other features, which enable IVISYS’ systems to handle even more complex inspections.

Today, 27 May 2016, IVISYS AB has made the third generation of its IVISYS Pro software commercially available. The IVISYS Pro software series is comprised of three modules: IVISYS Pro V for product verification, IVISYS Pro F for flaw detection and IVISYS Pro M for measurement applications. The version 3 release brings more features to all three IVISYS Pro software modules.

Version 3 of IVISYS’ software contains the following new features:

– High-speed in-line inspection of features down to a size of just a few microns’ diameter and depth, detectable on a variety of surface types

– 3D measurement and inspection: Allowing for point-to-point measurement verification as well as full 3D inspection of complex objects down to micron accuracy.

– Advanced and intuitive 3D drawing feature, which enables users to precisely define regions of interest in 3D

– Integrated off-line camera auto-calibration and edge fitting, which both ease system maintenance as well as making it easier to create new inspection jobs using IVISYS’ unified GUI (Graphical User Interface)

– Integrated in-line camera fine-calibration, which ensure high precision and robustness by compensating for changes in camera positioning caused by vibrations or ‘wear and tear’

– Automated light adjustment further simplifies the process of setting up new inspection jobs, since it reduces the need of manual adjustments related to illumination

– Profiling and analysis in frequency domain makes it easier to set up inspections of parts with repeated patterns, such as bolt threads and drill threads

– Barcode scanning: Barcode scanning is used for gathering data for real-time feedback from operations as well as for historical record keeping and data analysis

– Sub-pixel analysis which increase robustness and enables higher precision. Sub-pixel estimation is the process of estimating the value of a geometric quantity even better than with pixel accuracy, although the data was originally sampled using pixel accuracy.

All new features will be available to new customers and existing customer, who would request an upgrade of their IVISYS Pro software module(s).

IVISYS’ CTO Moatasem Chehaiber explains: ‘The competition within the vision industry with regards to keeping aligned with the ever increasing demands from customers is a never ending race. By adding these new features to our software platform, we maintain our position in the lead, when it comes to the ability to execute ever more complex inspections at high speed, while at the same time also improving the user-friendliness of our software.”

Certified Adviser

Sedermera Fondkommission is IVISYS’ Certified Adviser.

For further information, please contact:

Moatasem Chehaiber, CTO IVISYS AB
Phone: +45 30 32 89 64


IVISYS was formed on December 16th, 2014. IVISYS has developed a method for automatic quality control that is suitable for both mass production with long product series and smaller manufacturers with short product series. The company provides independent vision system solutions for quality control and offers a ‘plug-and-play’ solution with easy installation in just a few hours. IVISYS delivers complete solutions with cameras, lighting, hardware and software. The product performs quality inspections at high speed and allows multiple control points in a single inspection. This makes for much faster quality control. IVISYS’ solutions are easily adapted to different products and product variations. They do not require specific product positioning, while settings can be easily adjusted by the customer’s staff.