Press release
12 May 2016

Today, the 12th of May, 2016, IVISYS AB’s (‘IVISYS’) Annual General Meeting was convened. Below is a summary of the results. All resolutions were passed with the required majority.

Allocations of profits / loss according to the adopted balance sheet

The AGM decided that no dividend will be distributed for the financial year 2015.

Decisions on the number of board members and deputy board members, as well as the number of auditors and deputy auditors

The meeting decided that the number of board members shall continue to be five, and that no deputy members should be elected.

The AGM further decided that the number of auditors should remain at one, and that no deputies should be elected.

Determination of remuneration for the board and auditors

The AGM decided that the remuneration of the board members shall be unchanged. Thus, the meeting decided that the chairman shall receive a fee of SEK 137,500, while other non-executive board members SEK 60 000 each. The total remuneration, including for committee assignments, amounts to SEK 257,500.

The meeting concluded that the auditors shall be paid a fair remuneration according to approved invoicing.

Election of board members and possible deputy board members and auditors or auditing firm and possible deputy auditors

The AGM decided to re-elect the board members Moatasem Chehaiber, Thomas Juul, Lau Normann Jørgensen, Lars Holmqvist and Jakob Kesje. The AGM also decided that Lau Normann Jørgensen will remain chairman of the board.

The AGM decided to re-elect the auditor Mazars SET Revisionsbyrå as certified auditors, the principal auditor being Bengt Anders Ekenberg.

Alnarp May 2016
The Board

Certified Adviser

Sedermera Fondkommission is IVISYS’ Certified Adviser.

For further information, please contact

Jakob Kesje, CEO IVISYS AB
Phone: +45 20 22 60 10


IVISYS was formed on December 16th, 2014. IVISYS has developed a method for automatic quality control that is suitable for both mass production with long product series and smaller manufacturers with short product series. The company provides independent vision system solutions for quality control and offers a ‘plug-and-play’ solution with easy installation in just a few hours. IVISYS delivers complete solutions with cameras, lighting, hardware and software. The product performs quality inspections at high speed and allows multiple control points in a single inspection. This makes for much faster quality control. IVISYS’ solutions are easily adapted to different products and product variations. They do not require specific product positioning, while settings can be easily adjusted by the customer’s staff.