It does not come as a big surprise, since we have seen it coming for a long time. However, now a new survey from EY that was published in The Guardian this week – – confirms that the decision makers are prepared to invest more heavily in replacing manual labor. This play very well into the hands of IVISYS core business – automated vision control – since most manual labor can be replaced in the quality control departments. Some companies have up to 70 % of their blue collar workers doing quality inspection as the main part of their daily tasks.

Although this transformation will challenge the way society work, and the types of jobs available to the workforce, it is a transformation that will only speed up when global pandemics challenge the Industry supply chain. The Corona virus has been an eyeopener both for governments, who will need to plan ahead differently in the future, but also for many businesses who find themselves struggling. All will need to be better prepared next time a similar situation should occur. Let us just hope it will be a good while before we have to experience such dreadfull disease again.

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