No special vision expertise needed

When you introduce an IVISYS Pro solution to your production environment it is done without the need of external or in-house vision engineer consultants.

IVISYS makes vision engineers unnecessary

After setting up an IVISYS Pro solution, all ongoing adjustments are conducted using the IVISYS Pro User Interface. This includes setting up new inspection tasks, which can be defined using live visual feedback from the system cameras. Detailed 3D models can be imported into the user interface; this means that any user can set up advanced inspection tasks using the IVISYS Pro User Interface.

As easy to use as a smartphone app

The IVISYS Pro User Interface has been designed in a manner so it resembles the user interfaces of smartphone apps, making it easy to learn to operate by staff with no previous vision system experience. Only a few hours of general introduction to the system is needed in order to learn to operate the IVISYS Pro User Interface.

The fact that IVISYS Pro solutions is fully controlled by a touch-screen user interface puts IVISYS Pro in a position as one of the most user-friendly systems on the market for automated visual inspection.