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Partnering with IVISYS

IVISYS is continuously interested in initiating relations with possible distribution partners. Partners will benefit from a unique market offering with multiple selling points, setting IVISYS apart from other vision system suppliers.

Reasons to become a partner

There are multiple reasons to become a distributor of our IVISYS Pro solutions:

  • IVISYS Pro solutions are relevant to a wide range of manufacturing companies. They can be adapted to any production environment, since our systems are not mounted on existing equipment
  • IVISYS Pro can be sold as a part of a new production setup or as an add-on to existing production environments
  • IVISYS Pro does not require a high level of special expertise to operate (introducing the system to new users is done in a few hours)
  • An IVISYS Pro solution is easy to showcase for potential customers

Unique selling points for IVISYS Pro

IVISYS Pro solutions are genuinely different to most existing vision systems. The main differences are:

  • IVISYS Pro can execute inspection tasks, no matter if the inspected objects are rotated. Most existing machine vision systems cannot handle objects with various degrees of rotation.
  • IVISYS Pro can execute inspection tasks, no matter if the inspected objects are displaced. This is especially relevant on conveyor belts, where objects are often placed in various positions.
  • In addition, our user interface is very easy to use.

Due to these facts, IVISYS Pro solutions are ideal to open up new markets among manufacturers, who have previously discarded vision systems as being inflexible and tedious to use.

Company profile of partners

IVISYS Pro is an ideal offering for automation integrator companies and other equipment providers for the manufacturing industry. Partnering with IVISYS does not require large investments, neither regarding equipment nor regarding education.

We welcome any inquiry regarding possible future cooperation.

Please, contact chairman Jakob Kesje with for any inquiries regarding partnerships at or phone: +45 20 22 60 10.