Component Inspector


Component Inspector is built to withstand demanding environments. IVISYS has developed Component Inspector for more than 10 years for the Swedish industry and covers the Swedish market. This made a reliable and rapid system that delivers real-time statistical data to improve your production.

The vision system provides positional and structural information for monitoring and inspection purposes, enabling the system to detect faults and defects within the parts and determine the appropriate re-manufacturing or correction procedure required.

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The Component Inspector is connected to an electrical cabinet, where the operation of the Component Inspector is done. The result of the vision inspection will be visible to the operator on their existing operator screen. For statistical purposes the data will be stored in the computer or on an external device. Combined with a reject station (Add-on option), it can ensure that only products that comply with your standards will stay on the conveyor belt, while the rest will be rejected and therefor ensuring a high-quality level of your deliveries.


  • WatchDog
  • DataMine statistical module
  • Inspection speed scalable to requirement
  • Connection to SCADA
  • Scalable performance
  • Customized reports (if customer wants reports in a specific way)
  • Rejection Station



  • Adaptable to your needs
  • Fewer product claims
  • Reliable and Fast system
  • Extremely fast return on investment
  • Fully automated quality control
  • Manages multiple product combinations
  • Keeps a real-time record of your quality level for documentation
  • Different Add-On options
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple operation and detailed reporting to aid manufacturing