Label Verification

Fast and intelligent in-line OCR/Barcode validation

IVISYS Label Check validates the version of every label on the production line. Depending on the kind of inspection needed (numbers, letters, barcode or other features) we can eliminate the risk of wrong or missing labels. Compared to other systems, this solution can operate with very high resolution and speed, while locating and validating/reading the detail even when not aligned precisely.

3 Reasons why

– Label verification when handling thousands of labels is essential
– Automatic exchange of data with MIS to reduce risk of human error
– Very simple operation even with very detailed inspections

Case examples

Packaging labels are inspected in-line and we validate every single label. The correct label information is feed to the system from an external database. As the vital information can be anywhere on the surface of the packaging, we let the operator pin-point the location by simply pointing it out on the monitor.

A mixture of unique features help validating the label with very high probability.

How it works

We take a high-resolution images of every packaging. Strobe light is used in order to achieve sharp images. The analysis of the image reveals presence, position, barcode, version and other printed information.

We do not only check if the text is there, we read the text to make sure it is readable. Also, these data are logged for the purpose of future documentation and statistics.

Our method compensates for non-perfect position of each label. We will therefore always be able to read the information.

Why should you automate your quality control?

Manual inspection at such high speed of productions is physically impossible.

Quality inspection if conducted diligently also significantly reduces waste and increases profit.

In this case correct food labeling is a must otherwise the product must be repacked or
automatic inspection, on the other hand is a tireless, objective, consistent and a fast method to achieve correct packaging.

In the process, we document our validation of the data and inspection in every detail.

What’s included

– This is a complete and fully operational system
– A camera and strobe light in built together
– A sensor to trigger the camera with each product
– Our advanced IVISYS Pro vision software
– A Microsoft™ based PC
– A touch screen monitor for operating and viewing the inspection in real-time
– Output for an alarm function
– Log/report of inspected and found deviations

The system can be extended with the following options

– Additional cameras for multiple angles/surface inspections
– Additional output control (to control more external functions)
– Customized reports (according to specific request)

Could ‘Label Verification’ solve problems for you?

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