Multi Area Scan

Visual inspection of surface flaws on metal

The IVISYS Multi Area Scan system automatically detects porosities, holes, cracks or scratches in the surface of casted and machined metal parts. This is a 100% inspection where every part is carefully inspected. The key advantage is cost saving by removing parts that do not comply before further work or assembly.

The flaws detected are visible surface features in areas that should be featureless. Using high-resolution cameras and our advanced software, we find every such small but unwanted flaws.

3 Reasons Why

– More than 90% saving from a reliable inspection
– Highly resolution analysis makes detailed inspection
– Confirms if part is compliant with multiple conditions

Case Examples

Here automotive parts are picked up from an assembly line and checked for defects. This is to assure that all assembly will be free from defects before further work. Here the part is placed manually in the inspection box and the system respond instantly if part is OK. When moving many parts a day, an optional  robot solution can be offered to perform such repetitive.

The system can be adapted to many similar types of casted and machined product. As the machining process exposes previously unseen flaws in the casting, critical inspection is sometimes essential.

How it works

The system takes detailed pictures of the surface and analyses the data. The special light supplied with the system is essential for the analysis, why the installation includes a cabinet to shield the inspection area from external light.

Depending on the complexity of the surface, multiple pictures as well as focus adjustments might be necessary. The analysis works with visible features on the surface of the product. Each product series can have different specifications. However, the system remembers the setting and switching between different types of inspection is simply a selection on the monitor.
After the inspection, the result can be viewed on the monitor while the result of the analysis is stored for reporting and documentation.


More cameras can be added as an option to inspect other areas of each product, like different angles or positions.

If the products need deeper analysis, we offer a conveyor solution where the product is transported underneath a inspection camera a

Another option involves controlling a robot arm to pick up the product for analysis and returning it back to the assembly line if not found faulty.

We offer the option to control external functions (such as valves/lamps) in accordance with the result of our inspection.

Data of each inspection is stored and can be retrieved as a report. If the standard reporting is insufficient, we can tailor the reporting according to specific customer needs.

Why should you automate your quality control?

First – quality control is not only a mean to supply products that meet customer requirement. Quality inspection also significantly reduces waste and increases profit further down the production line.

Manual inspection only reduces the number of defect products by a factor of 4-6 at the best. But, critical inspection is tiresome, why the staff normally is rotated at regular intervals to keep their senses sharp.

Automatic inspection, on the other hand is a tireless, objective, consistent and a fast method to achieve instantly better results. It is also the perfect candidate for collecting valuable statistical data and documenting the process towards a better profit in a no-nonsense way.

What’s included

– This is a complete and fully operational system
– Camera and specific chosen light
– A cabinet to shield the setup from external light
– Our advanced IVISYS Pro vision software
– A Microsoft™ based PC
– A touch screen monitor for operating the system and viewing the inspection in real-time
– Output for alarm function
– Log/report of inspection results

The system can be extended with the following options

– Additional cameras for multiple angles/surface inspections
– A conveyor table moving objects into the area of the camera
– A robot interface to manage pick-up and return of products for inspection
– Additional output control (to control more external functions)
– Customized reports (according to specific request)

Could ‘Multi Area Scan’ solve problems for you?

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