Optical Sorting Machine

IVISYS Optical Sorting Machine performs automated inspection of complex fasteners and similar “round” parts. The sorting ensures that no defect parts reach customers or the following assembly process.

Case examples

This video is made by the Swedish company Gnosjö Automatsvarvning AB to show how a sorting machine made for their needs help them create value for their customers:

The Sorting Machine can, besides regular fasteners, also inspect other round objects like tube stubs, valves, and pistons. Please let us answer you for applicability.

How it works

The Sorting Machine inspects fasteners and other “round” objects for correct dimensions and flaws.

In one end, a Pallet tipper feeds the machine with new objects (ordered optional). It could also be a manufacturing process feeding the inspection system.

Anyhow, these objects are then automatically singled out, aligned and fed to the inspection. Then the objects pass by a number of cameras for various quality inspections. The objects are sorted according to the result of the inspection. The speed varies between 2 and 5.000 objects per hour depending on the alignment requirement prior to inspection.

Finally, the approved/passed objects can be fed to a conveyor with empty boxes to be filled. This can be ordered optionally.

As the process of singling out the object is developed for speed, it has a feeder tailored for each type of object. Additional feeders should be ordered as an option.

Why should you automate your quality control?

First – quality control is not only a mean to supply products that meet customer requirement. Quality inspection if conducted diligently also helps reduce waste and increase profit.
Manual inspection is not applicable to this type of product. But the manufacturing process can include additional steps that lower overall fail rate.

Automatic inspection, on the other hand, s a tireless, objective, consistent and a fast method to achieve instantly better results. It is also the perfect candidate for collecting valuable statistical data and documenting the process.

What’s included

– The system is configured with a safety fence surrounding the system (approx. 8m2)

– It contains a feeding conveyor, a feeder, and conveyor to return non-fed items back to start

– The imaging system has the mechanical control and sorting mechanism

– Configurable mechanics to enable inspection of a variety of fasteners

– With that comes the two cameras and light

– IVISYS Pro vision software for fast inspection

– A Microsoft based powerful PC

– A PLC controller for machine manipulation and safety

– A touch screen monitor for operating the system and viewing the inspection

– Output for an acoustic alarm or other function

– Log of start/stop, passed/failed and error type

Add-on options

The following available options expand the basic capability of the system further:

– Additional cameras for more detailed inspection

– An automatic box filling conveyor (based counting)

– A pallet Tipper, for emptying pallet of fasteners to the inspection

– Additional output control (like PLC we can control other functions)

– Customized reports (if customer wants reports in a specific way)

Could ‘Optical Sorting Machine’ solve problems for you?

Let’s find out! Please, feel free to ask us a question.

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