Reduce cost

Reduce cost

By using an IVISYS Pro vision system manufacturers achieve a significant and permanent cost reduction in any production setup. By integrating our solutions, manfacturers benefit from at least three sources of cost reduction: reduced labor cost, avoiding corrective action cost as well as avoding cost related to loss of goodwill.

Reduce labor cost

Firstly, when using IVISYS Pro solutions the need of manual handling and inspection of items drops sharply. If a manufacturer for example adds an IVISYS Pro Inspection Station to an existing production line, this one inspection station can conduct more than 30 inspection tasks, simultaneously.

In a case, one IVISYS Pro Inspection Station replaced five inspection workers. Said briefly, IVISYS Pro is a relevant option to all manufacturers, who are considering  bringing down labor cost, permanently.

Avoid corrective action cost

If a manufacturer fails to deliver batches with flawless products, many clients will resort to corrective action.

Since, IVISYS Pro solutions help manufacturers deliver zero defect batches, introducing an IVISYS Pro solution is a major step towards eliminating corrective action cost and cost related to handling claims.

No loss of goodwill

Besides avoiding cost related to corrective actions, implementing an IVISYS Pro solution also helps manufacturers to minimize cost in a third way: By being able to deliver only flawless products to their clients, manufacturers avoid any loss of goodwill.

Watch our introduction video

Watch our introduction video below and see an example of how an IVISYS Pro system is applied.