What we do, we do brilliantly.

Are you looking for improved uptime, yield, maintenance, productivity, and efficiency. Then you have found the answer. Neat stuff, right?

Basically, what you need to know, is that we’re dealing with stellar value propositions. We apply all our tech passion into increasing revenue at the same time we contribute to a safer work environment and a more sustainable logistics and production process.

Food and beverage

Secure your pallets

Make sure that the pallets entering operation are suitable to use, increasing uptime and efficiency.

Save money

Save on manual sorting costs while improving the quality of the pallets.

Smaller footprint

Decrease the footprint impact of your end-to-end system compared to traditional mechanic and manual sorting systems.


Sorting partner

Effectively sort pallets, while enabling additional revenue through becoming a sorting partner and depot for pallet pools.

Risk reduction

Reduce risk of chargebacks and claims from receivers of open pool pallets.

Internal operations

Grade pallets to suit internal operations – pallets that are non-exchangeable with external partners can still be used for internal processes if suitable.

Warehouse automatization

Secure your uptime

Secure of the uptime of automated storage and retrieval systems by eliminating poor quality pellets from ever entering the systems.

Data on suppliers

Drive pallet quality throughout your supply chain by having data on what suppliers are not delivering good quality pallets.

Smart solutions

Our system is both cost effective and scalable. It handles multiple induction points and accepts more pallet types added over time, meeting changing demands.

Pallet business

Secure your pellets
We offer accurate, reliable, and highly productive pallet inspection and grading.
Distinguish pallets

We offer a way to eliminate human factored discrepancies, allowing for reliably distinguishing between pallet grades, ensuring the exact quality demanding customers need.

Keep track over time

Keep accurate track of pallet quality over time with significant data capabilities.

“Communicate to the repair operator what defects need to be repaired”

“The only system on market that deliver this level of measurement preci- sion, speed and functionality”


Quality and traceability

Increase the capacity, throughput, and flexibility of a manual production line.

Batch management
It’s adaptable to different batch management needs in the production line.