Cue IVISYS, cue the future.

After more than 20 years of dedicated research and development, we have developed an effective method to perform automated quality control for pallet inspection. Our ace? A unique patented solution that solves your problem, change your game and hack your success.

Our products & solutions impact warehouse efficiency and the supply chain experience vividly. You get get tangible, quick and measurable return on investment and of course, at the same time increase the warehouse sustainability.




What we do, we do brilliantly.

Basically, what you need to know, is that we’re dealing with stellar value propositions.

At IVISYS we have embarked on a journey, setting out to become number one in machine vision solutions. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, IVISYS is the market leader in developing innovative solutions with state-of-the-art AI technology.

IVISYS PALLETAI, developed for pallet inspection and to secure qualitative pallets in your system to overcome logistics challenges, increase warehouse efficiency and the warehouse flow. The PALLETAI can be integrated in your existing production line or being provided as a total solution for automated pallet inspection.

How we make a difference

High tech with high impact.
We’re here to change the game.

IVISYS machine vision solutions merge cutting edge usage of hardware with in-house developed software, patented algorithms, and neural networks (AI). IVISYS pallet inspection solution, the PALLETAI, increase the warehouse efficiency and
the logistics automation in the whole supply chain. It has a huge impact of the warehouse flow and provides you
with real time data.

We’re off the beaten track.

Join our quest in making a name for IVISYS around the world.

At IVISYS we’ve only just begun our transition journey forward and upward, towards a truly spectacular future with the ambition to become number one in machine vision solutions, including service, knowhow, and customer experience.

Ambitious? Yes. But any goal worth pursuing is.

The IVISYS lowdown.

Facts and figures

– 40 employees.
– HQ Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Chicago, US.
– Customers in 10 countries.
– Working with some of the most premium brands in the world.
– Customer requests from all over the world (we’d love to show a vivid map of this, just ask us).
– Presence in several industries such as Food & Beverage, Retail, Warehouse Automation,
Pallet Business and MedTech.
– More than 20 Years of Experience in Machine Vision.

“A one-of-a-kind patented AI solution that provides accurate real-time data, built on 20 years of experience and knowhow”

If it isn’t sustainable, it isn’t IVISYS.

The guiding principle is that IVISYS should contribute to a sustainable world in everything we do.

This principle is deeply rooted in our values and culture and applies to everything from the way we treat our employees to product development, from establishing policies to prevent corruption to how we contribute with quality assurance making sure goods are loaded on good quality pallets so that they don’t fall from high heights or goods fall off the pallets, preventing accidents and injuries.

A huge number of pallets are transported by both road and sea. By raising pallet quality and reducing the need for transportation between sites we help to reduce your CO2 footprint.
Shipping 3 000 000 pallets to the closest company able to handle such volumes, would require around 3600 full truck loads at 50 km roundtrip. Avoiding these shipments alone would save 1 280 000 kg of CO2 emissions annually.

We’d love to hear from you.

Meet the IVISYS Global Service & Support Offering. We offer a flexible and accessible set of tools that support the customers to prevent downtime, increase efficiency, productivity and in the end revenue growth.

When you contact us, a unique ticket is created for each specific case where the reported issue will be tracked. The team has remote access to the machine so we can connect and start troubleshooting as soon as possible, allowing our highly skilled and trained technical support staff resolve issues remotely or, if needed, on site.

In summary, we promise easy access, timely response and a great knowledge.

IVISYS Global Customer Service & Support Team is available via

Passion that breeds ambition

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Stefan Bohman, CEO at IVISYS

Stefan Bohman

Jessica Arkinger, Marketing Manager at IVISYS

Jessica Arkinger
Marketing Director


Peter Junker, Global Customer Service & Support Manager at IVISYS

Peter Junker
Customer Service Manager