Improved quality and efficiency

Why settle for defective pallets?

No one process is the same, each requires a unique pallet quality that caters to your specific needs. We tailor the acceptance and rejection criteria for both empty and loaded pallets, making sure it addresses your specifics.

Using pallets of the right quality is crucial when it comes to automation with a high and stable level of productivity. Make sure not to allow defective pallets to enter your automated material handling systems.

That’s where we come in, helping you manage your pallets regardless of type. As automation and automated processes increase, pallet quality plays a crucial role in securing the productivity of pallet conveyance, automated storage, retrieval systems or palletization.

“Decreased footprint impact of your end-to-end system compared to traditional mechanic and manual sorting systems”

Designed for safety.

We make sure that there are no defect pallets that break when being handled with goods on them; or become a safety hazard and risk injuring staff from the pallets or the goods falling on them.

We can also detect dangerous nail protrusions all around a pallet, making any form of manual handling of the pallet safer.

An attractive ROI.

Pallets of the correct quality is crucial when it comes to ensuring high levels of efficient productivity. At 100 000 or more empty pallets annually, we feel confident the PALLETAI will generate an impressive ROI. For example, there are 2 billion pallets in the US, imagine all of them being of high quality with no issues. Now, isn’t that a neat dream come true?

Get up and stay up.

1. Robust

We offer robust solutions which don’t require changes over time between different pallet types and recipes. With a minimum of daily maintenance required, you can focus more on value adding activities.

2. Reactive

We offer remote performance monitoring for ensuring that your operation runs as intended, enabling preventive maintenance through early warnings.

3. Reliable

We offer an annual maintenance contract which gives peace of mind securing that any wearables are replaces, regardless of the inspection system or conveyor/material handling equipment, as well as making sure that the camera equipment is calibrated, and that the firmware is updated.