PALLETAI solutions

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PALLETAI, an adaptable solution - Cue pallet inspection with quality, Cue PALLETAI

The PALLETAI is a flexible, scalable, and modular pallet inspection solution.

  • The PALLETAI is adaptable to your existing production line or can be assembled as a stand-alone soring cell.
  • PALLETAI delivers improved quality levels compared to mechanical checking systems, while allowing more pallet types in the same machine with fewer maintenance needs.
  • Our PALLETAI alleviates the burden of sorting pallets, liberating limited resources from this rigorous task. By enhancing pallet quality, it minimizes the occurrence of claims or damaged goods resulting from defective or worn-out pallets, making the workload considerably lighter.§

PALLETAI enables scalable production and assures high-speed inspection, rejection and sorting based on defect type such as protruding nails, cracks in boards & blocks, missing, broken or dislocated boards or blocks, blocked tunnels, logo detection and verification (including iPAL QR codes etc.), paper and plastic residue and sorting based on appearance.


  • An out-of-the-box pallet inspection solution.
  • The PALLETAI can be set up as a stand-alone sorting cell or fully integrated into your existing production line.
  • Sold to 40 customers in more than 10 countries.
  • A proven pallet inspection system, with millions of pallets inspected globally.
  • Collecting a huge amount of data.
  • Running 24/7 with minimal maintenance.
  • Provides real-time data and monitoring.


  • The PALLETAI can be applied into existing or new production lines
  • The PALLETAI can be installed as a stand-alone sorting cell 
  • IVISYS can provide the inspection unit; both with IVISYS conveyers or if you provide your own conveyers
  • Solution requires integration with equipment control systems
  • Speed up to 400 pallets per hour
  • Real-time data and monitoring

Single Robot

The PALLETAI with single robots offers:
  • Turnkey solution with great flexibility in a variety of pallets and sorting fractions
  • The PalletAI can be retrofitted into an existing production/sorting line or be arranged as a standalone sorting cell
  • Minimal space requirements (less than 50 m2)
  • Speed up to 250 pallets per hour
  • Insource the sorting process to allow savings on managed recovery pallets
  • Robot decreases jams that can occur on stacker/de-stacker
  • Robot’s pick and place function increases uptime
  • Up to three outbound stacks with various requirements, example:
    • EPAL pass
    • GMA pass
    • EPAL & GMA fail
  • Real-time data and monitoring
  • Up to 20 minutes of unsupervised sorting
  • Increased safety with safety fence

Double Robots

The PALLETAI with double robots offers:

  • A turnkey solution with great flexibility in handling a variety of pallets and sorting fractions.
  • The option to retrofit the PalletAI into an existing production/sorting line or use it as a standalone sorting cell.
  • Speed of up to 325 pallets per hour.
  • Increased safety with safety fence.
  • Real-time data and monitoring.
  • Up to 30 minutes of unsupervised sorting.


The PALLETAI is an inbound solution that offers:

  • Bottom side inspection integrates into existing infeed conveyors, inspecting with goods on top.
  • Inspection at major trunk into AS/RS or distributed camera setup over multiple infeeds.
  • Compares pallet quality & type to the invoice, enabling chargeback to the supplier.
  • Keeps track of pallet inventory (pooling assets).