A true tech love story​

Improved uptime, yield, maintenance, productivity, and efficiency. Neat stuff, right?

We pour all our 20 years of in-depth know-how and smart AI-solutions into a machine vision technology that supports the whole pallet inspection chain. We apply all our tech passion into increasing revenue at the same time we contribute to a safer work environment and a more sustainable logistics and production process.

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We use deep learning to recognize patterns (cracks, logos, structures, etc.) and our technology use cutting-edge models on large-scale data to achieve high robustness and generalization.


Our unique and patented software and our non-contact measurement machine vision hardware deliver outstanding real time monitoring and control with precise data logging and analysis. 


Our robot solutions are developed to increase productivity, secure accessibility, and quality assurance at the highest level in production and logistics flows, as well as enabling flexibility and scalability.