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Frequently Asked Questions


Weekly maintenance consists of wiping down some of the camera housings. These are overpressured and have pneumatic air cleaning, but may require an extra wipe down in very dirty environments.
Yes, so long as the physical space to insert the machine is available along with conveyors. A maximum of 2,5 meters in length is required for the inspection unit.

As it operates basically without moving parts, there are few things that can be damaged from wear and tear. The camera housings are over pressurized to keep dust and dirt out. We also have cleaning of the camera housings which are especially exposed.

Most likely yes. We can adapt the machine and software to nearly any pallet configuration imaginable. Reach out to us to discuss more.

The idea is to reject only pallets which are not good. It could be that more pallets are rejected as they are not identified today. We tailor the system so that problematic or potentially problematic pallets are rejected.

Yes, we can set the system up in a way so that a pallet can have different quality grades each with different sorting criteria.

Yes, IVISYS has the ability and competence to supply a complete turnkey solution including conveyors, robots and other material handling equipment.

IVISYS offers support agreements which ensure rapid response, both in person and remote. We offer response times down to 1 hr.
Is the system reliable – we normally use a mechanical pressure system to test the pallet.

The vision based system is able to detect the same and more defects as a mechanical system can detect. A mechanical system has variations and less ability to find challenging defects like cracks in boards around nails etc, which we find with ease.

Theoretically, there’s no upper limitation to how many pallet types can go through the machine. So long as we can make them physically fit in the machine it is possible to inspect them.

New pallet types can be added remotely to the system for a fee.

Yes, admins have the right to adjust the tolerances on recipes

Implant AI

  • Control if there are chips in the bottom Area: >0.3 mm2
  • Control if there are any chips in the thread Size > 0,1 mm
  • Control that the Nose surface is set size Tolerance (round nose Ø): ±xx mm
  • Check if there are chips on the outside minimum Tolerance: >100 μm
  • Measures length and diameter Tolerance diameter: ±5μm Tolerance length better than: ±0.1
  • Measures min and max thread height Tolerance: >20μm

IVISYS have various solutions and the hardware for the vision task is chosen based on the need for the specific application. The camera alternatives can be Monochromatic and/or Color cameras. Illumination can be chosen among LED lights and/or Lasers and in different wave lengths. Camera lenses is chosen based on needed geometry, field of view and resolution.

IVISYS can deliver a total solution including the Implant AI, robots, CNC, washing solutions etc.

The Implant AI can be fully integrated in your existing production line. However, if you have a need to up-grade the production line IVISYS can support you with this.

IVISYS Implant AI solution derives with pneumatic grippers that can reduce the pressure not to damage the implant. Also, the Implant AI can detect and remove defect implants for manual inspection or to be placed in SPC.

Yes, the Implant AI can determine the frequency for the SPC control

Yes, Implant AI is validated to be used in a clean room.

The Implant AI is available in several dimensions depending on the solution needed.

Depending on your needs we can program the Implant AI to choose between the different programs depending on your selected implants that you want to inspect. You can apply different tolerances depending on the recipe chosen.

IVISYS saves all measured data that are customized and set based on your needs.
Real time tracking, reports, analysis, and batch management are all ingredients in the data analysis.

Yes, IVISYS offer a comprehensive support and service package that meet your needs of uptime and productivity. The Implant AI has a secure remote access ability, and most issues can be resolved swiftly. In addition to this, IVISYS offer on-site support for a fee. As part of our Service Concept, we also educate your operators and technicians to make sure standard operating procedures are well known. Our authorized technicians will calibrate and perform maintenance of the Implant AI on regular intervals to secure uptime.

Yes, IVISYS provides scheduled maintenance for the Implant AI. IVISYS has an extensive experience in FDA, and we perform an annual service, maintenance, and calibration. In addition to the annual service IVISYS provides supervision based on agreement and your needs.

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