Uptime and yield management to increase warehouse efficiency

Secure your

We offer accurate, reliable, and qualitative pallet inspection to secure your pallet flow


We offer a way to improve the warehouse efficiency through automated pallet inspection by distinguishing between good pallets ensuring the exact quality of the pallet depending of your specific needs

Keep track with
real time data

Reduce logistic challenges by keeping accurate track of pallet quality over time with real time data

Why settle for defective pallets?

No process is the same, each one requires pallet quality that cater to their specific need. We tailor the acceptance and rejection criteria for both empty and loaded pallets, making sure it addresses your specific needs.

Using pallets of the right quality is crucial when it comes to automation with a high and stable level of productivity where uptime is key. Make sure not to allow defective pallets to enter your automated warehouse and warehouse flow.

That’s where the PALLETAI come in, a logistics inspector developed to help you manage your pallets and pallet flow regardless of type. The PALLETAI can inspect wooden and plastic pallets, pallets with high quality, less good quality, dirty, oily, plastic wrapped; basically the PALLETAI can handle pallets of all kinds.

As focus on warehouse automation and ROI increases the pallet handling system and quality of pallets plays a crucial role in securing the productivity of pallet conveyance, automated storage, retrieval systems or palletizing.

“Communicates to the repair operator what defects need to be repaired”

Designed for safety.

We make sure that there are no defect pallets that break when being handled with goods on them; or become a safety hazard and risk injuring staff from the pallets or the goods falling on them. We can also detect dangerous nail protrusions all around a pallet, making any form of manual handling of the pallet safer.

Save and make money.

Simply put, with us, you can make more money:

– Reduce client chargebacks due to inconsistent quality.
– Increase quality assurance.
– Increase sorting productivity.
– Reduce staff costs via automation.
– Operate without staff as long as a safeguard is present.

Get up and stay up.

We offer remote performance monitoring and preventive maintenance in case of early warnings, ensuring that your operation runs properly.

Also, an annual maintenance contract provides peace of mind as it secures that any wearables, regardless of inspection system or conveyor/material handling equipment, are replaces and that camera equipment is calibrated, and firmware updated.